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By Adrian O’Connor, CEO at Benetel

Benetel is the proud winner of the Leading Innovators in 5G NR Technology category in Corporate Vision Magazine’s prestigious 2020 Small Business Awards. In place since 2016, the Corporate Vision Small Business Award scheme seeks out companies who have attained industry leadership through innovative products and first-class customer service. The awards in the various categories under this scheme recognise the sheer determination and dedication required to successfully grow a small business in today’s turbulent markets.

Corporate Vision Awards are judged purely on merit by an in-house research team which works diligently to identify leaders, innovators, and enterprising start-ups across various industry sectors. Nominated candidates are rigorously assessed against a range of criteria, including customer focus, innovation, business performance and longevity, customer feedback, and industry reputation.

This award recognises Benetel’s immense contribution to the complex, dynamic, and rapidly evolving 5G ecosystem.

5G is a revolutionary wireless technology, which is delivering a step-change in network performance, based on a number of advanced techniques designed into the 5G New Radio (NR) interface. More than just mobile telephony, 5G promises to enable advanced applications across multiple industry sectors, adding trillions of dollars to the future global economy.

This disruptive technology demands a transformation of the traditional, vertically oriented wireless supply chain, which is not adapted to the needs of the new mobile economy. Network access, particularly in indoor and shared spaces, is currently a bottleneck and threatens to impede the 5G roll-out, posing a real risk to the realisation of the 5G promise.

Governments and industry recognise that opening the Radio Access Network, (RAN) is key to removing this roadblock, and bodies such as O-RAN, Open Air Interface Software Alliance (OSA) , Open RAN Policy Coalition, and TIP are driving the disaggregation of this expensive asset, developing open standards and encouraging innovative new players to build a new 5G ecosystem.

Benetel’s deep expertise in RAN technology enables us to drive this emerging 5G OpenRAN ecosystem forward with our partners. Our customer base includes many of the new-entrant organisations, such as Neutral Host Network Providers, who are shaking up the 5G supply chain. Our own innovative 5G O-RAN Radio Units are enabling these customers to reduce development time and costs and accelerate their time to market.

Benetel also recognise the value of a strong research community in such a vibrant and evolving ecosystem and actively supports open-source initiatives, with products such as the 5G NR NSA Evaluation system. This platform and its accompanying software suite offer a cost-effective solution to organisations conducting laboratory, research, test, and experimentation on 5G networks.

Benetel is proud to receive Corporate Vision’s Leading Innovators in 5G NR Technology award. We believe that our 20-year journey in the wireless industry, adapting to the changing needs of the business through the various wireless network generations, demonstrates the determination, dedication, and innovation required to grow in an ever-changing and volatile environment.

We look forward to continuing to demonstrate the qualities that have helped us win this award.