Company Profile

With a 20-year history, and more than 6M+ of Benetel designed radios deployed around the world, Benetel is meeting today’s challenges of virtualisation and disaggregation with leading-edge radio solutions for 5G disaggregated RAN and 4G/LTE Small Cells. Benetel is committed to supporting the evolving radio access networks around the world by producing Radio Units and related services that fully embrace the principle of openness. Working with leading vendors, partners, and open initiatives, such as the O-RAN ALLIANCE, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA), and Telecom Infrastructure Project (TIP), Benetel is at the forefront of 5G radio technology. With its presence in many geographical markets, Benetel is collaborating with the key CU/DU vendors to ensure interoperability and end to end functionality.

Management Team

Adrian O’Connor



Successfully leads the Company through a transition from Design Services to a LTE Small Cell Module provider.

Adrian brings a wealth of experience in the Telecom and Semiconductor markets. Prior to joining Benetel, Adrian led IBM’s Semiconductor business in EMEA. Adrian’s career at IBM spanned 15 years and included Sales, Marketing and Operational leadership roles.

Holds an MBA and Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics, both from the University of Limerick.

John Doyle

CTO & Founder


An expert in Wireless Product R&D, having worked with bluechip companies in UK, Germany and Ireland.

Prior to founding Benetel, he led and managed RF & Modem Design Teams as well as Systems Engineering and Advanced Engineering Teams in Lucent. Lucent representative for standardisation of GSM and 3G air interface. Holds several patents related to Microwave Imaging Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks.

As CTO in Benetel, John is responsible for leading the advanced roadmap towards 5G.

Padraig McNamara

COO & Founder


Prior to founding Benetel, Padraig had a successful career in the Telecom arena, with roles in Japan, UK and Ireland.

He has deep radio design experience, having worked in Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) design with Kenwood in Japan, as well as designing GSM & 3G Base Stations at Motorola and Lucent. Prior to joining Benetel, Padraig held a senior engineering position in Cable Modems & Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) at COM 21.

Padraig currently leads Benetel’s operations.

Olli about us 2

Olli Andersson

Senior Vice President, USA


Over 20 years of experience in developing new business, new technology and solutions in the communications industry. Olli has led Nokia Bell Labs Innovation programs and Nokia`s Silicon Valley Innovation Center globally in the past.

Olli is currently responsible for Benetel`s U.S. business as well as strategic initiatives for 5G targeting Service Provider and Private Networks.

Alan edited

Alan Hynes

Director of Engineering


Alan joins Benetel as Director of Engineering having previously lead the Hardware Systems Design team in the Nokia Bell Labs Enterprise Automation division.  Having most recently led teams developing network-enabled wearable devices, small cell and mMIMO systems, Alan brings a depth of experience in full-stack system engineering from silicon devices to software development in both growth stage and corporate entities.

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