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OpenRAN Cellular Infrastructure

Next generation communication networks strive to keep pace with user demand and improve service quality, while lowering the cost of current and future deployments.

Benetel’s new OpenRAN Radio Unit product family is built with these critical needs in mind and ideally suited for future disaggregated multi-vendor ORAN networks.

Private Networks

Reliability, security and robustness are critical attributes in today’s communication networks.
Benetel has adopted a modular product platform strategy to meet these needs while providing validated 3GPP compliant 4G and 5G platforms.
Benetel designs, develops and manufactures everything in Europe, providing  transparent and secure supply chain operations to its customer and partners.

Strategic Hardware

Benetel partners with leading semi-conductor and hardware providers for world-class radio platform solutions. Together with our strategic partners we will ensure the most advanced, future-proof and cost optimised solutions to your needs.