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Barcelona, Spain – 27 February 2024 – OpenRAN hardware specialist Benetel has expanded its range of radio units (RUs), through the announcement of 2 new bandwidths for the RAN650 5G OpenRAN Outdoor Radio Unit. The introduction of n48 (CBRS) and n79 bandwidths are intended to bring additional 5G capacity to private, campus and industrial networks, as well as rural networks and public hotspots.

Band 48 CBRS, (Citizens Broadband Radio Service), has the potential to transform the wireless communications industry. Operating on a frequency range of 3.5 GHz, it is ideal for high-speed data transferr and a significant opportunity for wireless communication. Meanwhile, n79 (4500 MHz), or 4.5 GHz 5G band,  is a popular tested and deployed 5G frequency and the availability of this band makes the RAN650 an increasingly versatile option for customers globally.

As Benetel CEO, Adrian O’Connor explains; “

“At Benetel, we are constantly looking towards the future market requirements. We have been listening to our customers and are proud to announce several extensions to our RAN650 Open RAN Radio Unit family. We are pleased to announce the launch of this product supporting 2 additional bands – n48 (CBRS) & n79 – specifically targeted to customers in North America and across the globe.”

The RAN650 is available now in n48, n77u, n78, n79.

About Benetel

Benetel is introducing a variety of leading-edge Radio Units (RU) for the emerging, disaggregated 5G networks of the future with both indoor and outdoor solutions. Committed to supporting the evolving radio access networks around the world by producing hardware and related services that fully embrace the principle of OpenRAN. Headquartered in Dublin, the organization’s technically proficient and highly experienced team drive real innovation in the roll-out of small cell infrastructure. With its broad portfolio of outstanding off-the-shelf solutions, covering a wide range of frequency bands and output powers, its services are rounded out with first-class design and test services. For more information about what Benetel offers the mobile communications market please visit