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Benetel has been selected for Intel’s prestigious Network Builders Winners’ Circle Awards! The 2022 edition of the Winners’ Circle Awards recognises Intel partners that have accelerate digital innovation and network transformation on Intel technology. This recognition affirms Benetel’s innovation and leadership in disaggregated OpenRAN platforms.

Finalists of the program have met a set of criteria, including open-source contributions, meeting solution benchmarks, and commercial availability of virtualized or cloud-ready applications based on Intel® architecture, edge applications, or 5G integrated solutions.

Working together with Intel, Winners’ Circle partners are driving the next generation of solutions and transforming the network from edge to core.

Thanks Intel® Network Builders for our Winner Circle Award. Looking forward to a dynamic partnership in 2023

About Intel® Network Builders: Intel is committed to driving advancement in the network, and the Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle further aligns the ecosystem to accelerate technical innovation and network transformation.

Now in its fifth year, the program drives deeper technical enablement through testing and benchmarking, recognises industry leaders with go-to-market planning, and helps strengthen our partners’ engagement with end-users through advocacy and training.

About Benetel: Benetel is introducing a variety of leading-edge Radio Units (RU) for the emerging, disaggregated 5G networks of the future with both indoor and outdoor solutions. Committed to supporting the evolving radio access networks around the world by producing hardware and related services that fully embrace the principle of OpenRAN.

Headquartered in Dublin, the organisation’s technically proficient and highly experienced team drive real innovation in the roll-out of small cell infrastructure. With its broad portfolio of outstanding off-the-shelf solutions, covering a wide range of frequency bands and output powers, its services are rounded out with first-class design and test services.

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