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LTE Modules

Benetel provides LTE modules and eNodeBs based on Intel Transcede T3K solutions.

Benetel T3K Compact Baseband Module

Key Features:

The Benetel T3K Compact delivers the full feature suite of Intel’s T3150 SoC in a compact and efficient baseband module, suitable for stationary outdoor or portable applications.

  • Intel T3150 Baseband Processor
  • LTE FDD and TDD supported
  • Dual Radio operation with Benetel’s High Performance RF Modules
  • Small form factor
  • Extended operating temperature range (-40°C to +55°C)
  • Cold Start at -40°C

Benetel 5W RF Modules

The Benetel 5W RF Module LTE FDD is designed for Outdoor eNodeB Small Cell Base Stations. With a power consumption of approximately 55W and a small form factor of 178mm x 174mm, it delivers high-performance RF output power, control, and monitoring and is also suitable for portable applications. Multiple 3GPP band options.

+21 DBM 2nd Gen Broadband RF Module

Single carrier SDR support for major 3GPP LTE/WCDMA (with external duplexers for FDD or RF Switch for TDD).

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