Private Networks

The reliability, security and robustness of todays communication networks are critical in many end market applications. Markets like Public Safety, Government and military are examples of such networks requiring a diverse range of technology capable of addressing the various end equipment and environments they operate in. Other markets that are less customized include transport, servicing rail, avionics and road, as well as Industrial infrastructure including utilities and mining, addressing both public and private enterprise. In common all require a private communication network capable of scaling in either function or features to address the various unique end applications.

Recognizing such, Benetel throughout its years has adopted a modular product platform strategy allowing it to quickly address the various needs while providing a validated and 3GPP compliant platform that can be chosen with confidence. Along with its ecosystem partners these hardened building blocks are also provided in the form of complete enclosed solutions thus enabling the end customer to quickly proceed to proof of concept demonstration.

Benetel Private LTE
Benetel Cellular Infrastructure

Cellular Infrastructure

Next generation communication networks strive to keep pace with user demand, improve service quality all while lowering the cost of current and future deployments. This global network revolution requires innovations that will bring connectivity to the unconnected, provide a competent and fertile platform for data demanding applications and improve the speed of communication that will improve our quality of life, both in personal and professional environments.

To address these needs two key challenges must be overcome,

1) The total cost of ownership (TCO) needs to fall dramatically,

2) Network agility – Ability to easily roll out new features/upgrades

This is achieved via an open and competitive ecosystem that is designed with the flexibility for reuse and equipped with an innovative platform that can achieve the necessary economies of scale.

Benetel’s new Remote Radio Unit product family has been architectured with these critical needs in mind and seeks to leverage this innovative platform approach to take advantage of this market disaggregation.

Fixed Wireless

Often dubbed the new option for broadband access, Fixed Wireless is quickly becoming a competitive alternative and possible faster service than traditional fiber or cabled fixed broadband. In under-served markets Fixed Wireless Access has the capability to deliver cost effective solutions while meeting the data speed demands of the modern consumer. The advent of new technologies, additional spectrum and new CPE solutions has resulted in an inflection point of solution cost and capability that are now more attractive. Benetel’s RRU solutions for virtualized RAN are considered an ideal access point solution for such deployments where constrained throughput and high latency is often present. While a 4G LTE based solution is currently on offer, it is largely considered an optimum market for a sub-6GHz 5G radio technology. As such Benetel’s modular platform approach is well positioned to address this market need within the same product family.

Benetel Fixed Wireless
Benetel Enterprise


As 4G infrastructure continues to move towards 5G, the economics associated with this evolution is dominating conversations. In addition, the environments and market drivers or end use case applications for the enterprise markets are also quite varied. In-building environments are challenging where the coverage and capacity needs demand the ultimate flexibility in the access point solution as well as a robustness in the networks ability to deliver optimum performance. The emergence of neutral host operators, PMSE ( Programme Making and Special Events) and Industry 4.0 have made this a very interesting and challenging segment but one with exciting growth prospects. Benetel along with its ecosystem partners have focussed on providing validated complete solutions for these particular applications very much rooted on our hardened product platform portfolio.