Custom LTE Manufacturing Test Systems

Key Features

  • Custom built according to each customer’s requirements
  • LTE Radio RF Functional Test Automation
  • TX and RX Calibration
  • Multi-Head Testing, typically 1, 2 or 4 simultaneous Units Under Test (UUT) per system.
  • Multi-Band, Multi-Bandwidth support capability (TDD & FDD)
  • Multiple test cases (RF & Peripheral)
  • Integrated results database for trace-ability

The Benetel Manufacturing Test System (MTS) is comprised of test software, test fixtures and measurement equipment which fully automates the manufacturing test of Small Cell LTE Base Stations.

The Benetel MTS is available in 2 formats

Targeted at low volume pilot production: Suitable for bench top use

Targeted at mass production: Integrated into 19’’ rack controlling UUTs inside external Benetel RF shielded enclosures

Test Solution Benefits

While each system is designed to meet the specific client requirements, a Benetel Manufacturing Test System (MTS) will typically include all key features and provide the following benefits:

  • Maximised throughput and minimised test times (typically <4mins per band per bandwidth)
  • Large test case coverage
  • Ease of operation through flexible user interface and automatic generation of results database
  • Auto-calibration of test system at daily/ weekly/ monthly intervals as required
  • Low total cost of ownership

Test Solution Success Stories

Benetel has more than 30 Manufacturing Test Systems deployed globally

  • 4G/LTE Small Cell Manufacturing Test System Deployment
  • 3G/WCDMA Manufacturing Test System Deployment
  • Multiple Bespoke RF High Volume [>1 Million/year] Test System Deployments
  • Multiple CDMA2K Mass Production Test System Deployments servicing [>1 Million Femtocells]
  • Successful deployments worldwide; China, Taiwan, US, Mexico, UK, Turkey