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Looking to offer an enriched experience to visitors and allow greater access to all the information they need, we have made major enhancements to our online presence.

Designed to be easy to navigate and offering intuitive operation, the new website describes each item of hardware in Benetel’s expansive product portfolio. This covers flexible feature-packed remote radio units (RRUs), compact high-performance Baseband modules, low-noise RF modules and custom-built high-throughput automated test systems. To complement this, there is a wealth of additional content available – relating to the breadth of applications that the company’s versatile and disruptive technology enables, plus the numerous accompanying support services. By going through the website visitors will gain access to the latest news, product introductions, and current job openings, as well as overviews of the company’s corporate structure and its core business strategy. There are also sections giving details of the investors that gave the company its initial financial backing, the key milestones it has achieved so far, the prizes it has won, the consortia it is directly involved with and the partnerships it has established with industry leaders.

Browse through the website to learn more about Benetel and what we do.